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We know that addressing water, structural, and moisture problems is more than just do it yourself project. That's why Gold Eagle is proud to take on that role. Using the latest equipment and strategies we have developed the most reliable system to keep your basement dry, safe, and enjoyable.

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The choice is simple: Clean Professional Reliable


You have standing water, musty smells in your basement, or the walls

look too beat up, you know you have a problem.

Take Action

Don't Let the problem consume your home. Get it taken care of before it's too late. You're not alone, so make an appointment and let the proffessionals be part of your team.


Knowing that you have piece of mind now that your home is protected through our service


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For more than 10 years, Gold Eagle has designed and installed basement waterproofing systems that have kept generations of homes dry. We take pride in the product we install and stand behind the work warranty.