Mold Remediation - Waterproofing - Structural Repair

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Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the most damaging fungi to our health. It develops when water gets into the basement or into the foundation walls. If it is not treated, it will continue to grow and spread throughout your home, creating a dangerous environment for your loved ones. 

Gold Eagle targets the source of the problem (water). We drain the water from the foundation walls and pump the water out. Our time proven method and expertise deters mold from recurring. 

Basement Waterproofing

We at Gold Eagle are proud to offer a variety of solutions that can solve any of your basement problems. Whether it's water seepage, foundation issues, or mold, we stand ready to take care of your home. And our process is easy and stress free:

1. Inspect 2. Diagnose 3. Correct 4. Restore

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Structural Repair

Safety is one of the most important things alongside with health. Lets face it if your basement which is the base that support your house, has structural damage, then you are at risk of losing your home, possible even worse.Structural damage like cracks in the walls or in the floor are caused by the pressure from water pushing into your basement. Our system fixes the problem by releasing the pressure from the walls and floor, letting the water flow into the pumps and then out. Once that is handle we make sure that the entire wall that are already weaken will be secure again.

Don’t wait for the last minute! If your house makes noises like cracking it is best to call us, we will inspect your house and we will take you through the whole process, step by step, call us today for your free estimate.